Love what you do!

Problem: I have multiple passions and have a difficult time deciding on just one.

Solution: Create a website(s) that showcases many of my passions and hopefully provides information and products that you can use.


  • Helping others expand their business, especially using technology. I am also passionate about art so I decided to focus on helping artist market their artwork. MarketArtwork.com
    • Fused Glass: I recently converted a former passion of creating Stained Glass pieces to creating Fused Glass pieces.  I particularly enjoy making functional fused glass pieces. Please visit the Fused Glass Store- Artwork by Julie.
    • Photography: My passion for photography began when I was young, but with film cameras my passion was stifled due to the expense.  When digital photography was introduced and we started having kids the photo bug entered my life again.  When the kids began playing sports I found I was much happier behind the camera then being a typical “sports parent”. The thrill of capturing the an amazing action shot can not be explained. See some photos at Click4Memories.com
  • Being a Mom: The kids have grown and are now off to college, this is the true test of how well we did as a parent. Having college kids is a very humbling experience, you quickly discover if you taught them the basics and what you wish you would have covered. I decided to create a website covering what I am glad I taught them and what I wish I would have.  See 101ThingsToTeachYourKids.com
  • Discovering New Information: I love learning so when I discover something new or a trick for doing something I want to share the knowledge.  I originally bought the domain to promote Michigan, so half of the site will cover neat places we have found within Michigan. See: DiscoverMI.com
  • Internet and technology: In the 80’s I was introduced to a computer, I was hooked from the beginning. I could see that technology would change our lives, I just had no concept of how big it actually was or how to make money from technology.  Then in the mid 90’s I discovered the Internet, again seeing the benefits and potential.  With a friend we started a web development business, Mystic Media. We created a community page, helped people get online and built businesses first website. I quickly discovered I do better sharing information then charging for it and monetizing websites was still in development. I was offered a position to teach so I downsized Mystic Media and kept up with technology from an academic standpoint. On this site I will try to share what I have learned over the years and what I am learning as I try to fulfill my passions. Affiliate Links will also be found on sites when appropriate. Links to my passions will be found on this website: 2mm.com
  • Other websites I have started or own:
    You-Can-Fix-It.com created this website with my sister, she writes the articles and I maintain the site. Great article on how you can fix and complete many household project.
    DiscoverSturgis.com website to highlight Sturgis, Michigan, the town I currently live in and graduated from high school.